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    Disability Lawyers

    Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor Coos Bay Office:
    598 Anderson Avenue
    Coos Bay, OR 97420


    8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
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    Are You Looking for Someone Nearby Who Can Help You?

    If you live in Coos Bay, Brookings, Reedsport, or anywhere on the South Coast of Oregon, and you hit hard times due to a health crisis leading to a money crisis, help is here.

    The disability law firm of Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor steps in on your behalf to secure financial assistance when major health problems leave you unable to work. Getting financial support can make a major difference in your life.

    Our Social Security Disability lawyers help people throughout the South Coast from our Coos Bay office.

    People from industries like commercial fishing, fish processing, forestry, logging, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, health care, hospitality, and any other part of the Coos Bay, Brookings and South Coast communities come to Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor when they need a strong advocate.

    Our firm has been serving Oregon since 1980. Our disability attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience helping people win disability benefits.

    Get started now on your path from a medical crisis to a renewed sense of hope.

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    How We Help You in Coos Bay, Brookings and the South Coast

    Different sources of support could be available to you on the South Coast when medical problems lead to financial problems.

    The disability attorneys at Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor help you get access to these forms of support:

    These benefits can make your life easier, but getting approved for them is difficult.

    Most people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are denied on the first try.

    This is why having an experienced disability lawyer can benefit you. A Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor attorney can ease your burden as you go through this process.

    If you’ve been hurt at work, we can also help you get medical care and lost wages pay through Oregon workers’ compensation benefits. If your health-driven financial troubles mean you can no longer keep up with your debts, you can also talk to us about your bankruptcy options.

    You can find out whether you have a claim, and for what types of benefits, by talking to us for an initial consultation.

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    Why Choose Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor?

    Any time you have to go through a complicated government or legal process, you can feel like the system forgot you’re a human being.

    Having a local lawyer dedicated to Oregon people and communities helps you avoid being treated like a number.

    At Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor, here’s what you’ll experience:

    • We’ll help you with your initial disability application.
    • You’ll work directly with a lawyer from the beginning.
    • Your lawyer will stay with you through the entire process—you won’t have to shift to new people.
    • We will take time to listen to you and your needs.
    • We know what it’s like to have serious health problems in your family, and it drives us in our work.
    • You PAY NO FEE UNTIL YOU WIN benefits.

    Another advantage of working with a dedicated local firm is that we’re familiar with the local medical services, Social Security offices, disability judges, and Oregon workers’ comp laws that shape your case.

    You’re going through a difficult time, but we can be your guide to the other side.

    You can reclaim your life, starting now.