Want to See if You Could Get Benefits?

    If you can’t work because of major health problems, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can provide some financial stability.

    Back pay to cover the time you wait for approval and monthly ongoing income put you on steadier ground.

    But you’ve probably heard that most people are denied when they apply for benefits.

    You have to meet strict disability qualifications

    So you wonder: Do I qualify? Can I get benefits?

    These are the basic Social Security Disability qualifications:

    • You’ve worked a substantial amount and paid into the system.
    • You no longer can work—and the reason is bad health.
    • You couldn’t switch to a different job either—even if you wanted to.
    • Your medical problems that prohibit working have lasted, or will last, at least a year or may result in death.

    To sort out your options, talk to someone who has extensive experience with this system. That’s Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor.

    Our disability lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience helping people in Oregon apply for benefits.

    We have offices in Eugene-Springfield, Albany, Roseburg, Coos Bay and Medford. We can help you find your path forward to financial stability.

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    Does My Health Problem Qualify Me for Benefits?

    You must have a debilitating medical condition to win Social Security Disability benefits.

    The severity of your symptoms—and how they limit your everyday activities—can be more important than your exact diagnosis.

    Social Security has a large list of impairments that comes with guidelines on what you need to qualify for SSD with each ailment.

    You don’t necessarily have to have an ailment on that list. You could have many different physical or mental health conditions and combinations of different problems.

    Here are some common conditions qualifying for disability that we’ve seen at Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor:

    This is how you start: Tell our disability attorneys about your struggles. We will listen and give you an evaluation of how you may meet the Social Security Disability qualifications. And there’s no fee until you win benefits.

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    How Do You Show Social Security that You Qualify for SSD?

    Providing strong medical evidence is the core of every Social Security Disability claim.

    Social Security has thousands of rules in place for who gets benefits, many of them meant to ensure people truly meet the disability qualifications.

    That makes the process tougher. You have to prove you can’t work using records and documents, such as the following:

    • Reports from doctors
    • Medical test results
    • Documents from doctor exams
    • Medical imaging
    • Treatment plans
    • Treatment results
    • Prescription lists
    • Explanations of your job duties
    • Statements from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors or clergy

    If this seems like a lot, that’s because it is.

    But helping you with all the legwork is why the disability attorneys at Wells, Manning, Eitenmiller & Taylor are here.

    You can go easier on yourself in a difficult time by getting help.

    Let’s get you the support you need to support yourself and your family.

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    Have a Question about Disability Benefits?

    Your health is bad. You can’t work. Your financial stability is threatened. So your head is swimming with questions. How will you get by? How does Social Security Disability work? We’ve gathered answers. See them here:

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