Do You Need Financial Help Supporting Your Child with Disabilities?

    Being the parent of a child with disabilities is harder than most people can imagine.

    In addition to the emotional and physical strain, you face financial stress, too.

    You should know that the government has a disability program for children that can provide monthly income for your family.

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for children could help you pay for therapy, tutoring or medical equipment. It can make your life easier.

    Getting approved can be hard, but keep reading to see the basic requirements to qualify.

    And talk to children’s Supplemental Security Income lawyers who know how to secure this financial aid from the government. You won’t pay an attorney fee until you win benefits.

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    Financial Qualifications for Children’s SSI

    Before you can get SSI benefits to help with the costs of caring for a child with special needs, you have to meet certain financial requirements.

    The SSI program, in general, is for families in economic need.

    So you could get benefits if you meet the following criteria:

    • Your family has limited income.
      Income for calculating SSI eligibility includes wages from working, other Social Security benefits, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits, workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, or financial help from family or friends. The income limit was set in 2021 at $1,310 per month.
    • Your family has limited other financial resources.
      Resources include savings, investments, land and personal property. As an individual, you must have less than $2,000 in other resources to qualify for benefits. For couples, you must have less than $3,000.

    Some economic assets don’t count as income or resources for the purposes of deciding whether you can get SSI. Those include your home and vehicle.

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    Health Requirements for Children’s SSI

    If your family meets the economic requirements for SSI, you’ll next need to show Social Security that your child’s medical or developmental limitations also qualify.

    Social Security says your child must meet these health requirements:

    • Impairments cause severe limitations in your child’s ability to function like other children the same age.
    • Their conditions have lasted, or will last, at least a year.
    • Your child has blindness.

    Nothing is more important than giving your child the best possible care and resources. Children’s SSI can improve life for a child with disabilities—and their whole family.

    Let’s get started building a better future for your child.

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